epilogue 2

epilogue II

"Hey Fluffy, how do you like your new home?" Kate scratched the giant black feline head behind the ears.

"Shall we head out? I've got to get to school, and you know you like to play with Mathylda."

The enormous black panther, about the size of a horse, rose, stretched, then padded gracefully from the shed that Burnard had converted into a cat house.

Over the door was a sign which read:

Beware the cat!

F.L.U.F.E (Fully Loaded, Ultrasonic, Feline Eviscerator)

Formerly Schrodinger

Kate leapt lightly onto the giant cat's back. With a short trot, the panther leapt into the air, his enormous black wings spreading wide.

"Yippy!" Kate yelled, as she sped towards her new term at Jasper's.

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